Don’t miss G.LIFE 2014, #GLIFE14 the annual pop-up retail expo, recruitment and career fair, and community hub in “the coolest city”* in “the gayest place in America”**. G.LIFE is designed to inform, educate, and entertain the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allied (LGBTA) community.  This one-day exhibition, proudly presented by the Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber), provides the unique opportunity for national corporations, local companies, restaurants, entrepreneurs, artists and LGBTA organizations to SELL their products and services, show how they positively impact the community and demonstrate their commitment to LGBTA people.

This comprehensive event is multifaceted, exciting and fun. It’s a "Pop-Up Expo". It's “Everything LGBTA” and has been designed with something to attract everyone from the NEW Recruitment and Career Fair to the popular educational seminars at G.LIFE University, not to mention live entertainment in the new G.LIFE Arena. G.LIFE brings everything together to energize, enlighten, empower and inspire everyone! 

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THE METROPOLIS- Click Here To See Map of Metropolis Here

The G.LIFE epicenter, Metropolis, celebrates all the richness and diversity the LGBTA community encompasses. As in any burgeoning city, Metropolis features many different boroughs. Main areas include the clothing district, restaurant row, the design district, art gallery alley, and many more. From banks and insurance companies to restaurants, retail stores, soft drink companies, travel destinations, service providers, hotels, and airlines; Metropolis is bustling with POS transactions and is a great way to kick off or possibly finish holiday shopping. Metropolis is filled with isles of exhibiting vendors and sponsors, demonstrations, interactive activities, live performances, and food sampling. There are also parks and lounges, cocktail areas, and tons of giveaways. The excitement only stops when the day is over. Go back to the top.


RECRUITMENT AND CAREER FAIR- Click Here To Go To Recruitment And Career Fair Page

Vendors and Sponsors who need bright and eager employees to fill positions will get a first look at the next group of awesome candidates at this year’s G.LIFE. The Recruitment and Career Fair at G.LIFE 2014 will bring businesses and employers together with enthusiastic applicants looking for new opportunities. Impromptu interviews occur in the quiet lounge and attendees can see a list of the submitted open jobs for all vendors that take part in the fair. The Chamber will offer a coach for FREE one-on-one professional coaching sessions and free resume review sessions. Go back to the top.



G.LIFE features a seminar series with high profile speakers and panelists who provide discussion to educate, inspire, and motivate attendees. This seminar series, known as G.LIFE UNIVERSITY or G.LIFE U, consists of two different tracts: business and personal.  The business tract is for the professional looking to improve business acumen, find development resources, and learn about supplier diversity.  The personal tract is for the individual looking to improve all aspects of life from successful dating, to health and wellness, to planning for the future. Would you like to speak at g.life U? Download a Request for Presentation application. Go back to the top.



NEW! The Chamber is taking G.LIFE viral!  The Chamber has partnered with The Strategic Peacock to develop, manage and monitor a social media strategy designed specifically to attract and engage registrants, exhibitors and community partners. We will be leveraging all of our G.LIFE stakeholder’s networks to spread the message far and will be monitoring results and feedback in real time, making adjustments in messaging and taking corrective course actions when needed. Vendors and sponsors will naturally and organically grow their social media networks and may connect with attendees long before the expo. Free wifi will be available in the exhibit hall and live tweeting will be occur during G.LIFE. Go back to the top.


EXHIBIT AND SPONSOR Click Here To Sponsor G.LIFE - Click Here To Be A Vendor At G.LIFE 

In this pop-up shopping business to consumer environment, sponsors and vendors see two unmatched benefits.  The first is the access to potentially thousands of consumers from the LGBTA community on a level that cannot be found anywhere else.  The second advantage is the hundreds of beneficial business network building opportunities made with other G.LIFE vendors, sponsors as well as speakers and performers. G.LIFE may only be for one day, but the investment you make will foster a network in a Chamber and in a community with a lifetime of positive returns. Go back to the top.



The LGBTA consumer group is proven for being incredibly savvy.  Study upon study has shown that the LGBTA segment is fiercely brand loyal and exceptionally dedicated to those companies that reach out to them.  These studies also show that the LGBTA community is on the forefront of every early adaptor trend, spend more money than their straight counterparts, and travel more frequently.  Companies have discovered that the LGBTA community is a powerful, affluent, brand loyal, and educated market segment with a tremendously profitable return on investment. 

G.LIFE offers its vendors and sponsors an idyllic chance to connect with potentially thousands of people in this highly coveted market segment.  As a vendor or sponsor, you can introduce new services and products, create an interactive experience, conduct market research, do live demonstrations, sample products, sell goods, meet new clients, and much, much more all in one, short day! Go back to the top.


The Chamber will host a FREE Sponsor and Vendor Workshop on Tuesday, November 4th. The Workshop will review best vendor practices including suggestions on how to talk to attendees and how to create an amazing booth space. We will also instruct you how to build your network and how to connect with the other vendors in meaning and powerful ways.

Marisa Peacock, owner of The Strategic Peacock, our Social Media Partner, will be leading the meeting. After sharing the current social engagement numbers for G.LIFE, Marisa will offer her expertise, advice on how to maximize your social media presence before and long after the event, and much, much more. Go back to the top.


Click Here To See Our Community PartnersClick Here To Apply To Be A Community Partner

The Chamber has created a successful grass-roots media campaign aimed at enlisting other LGBT nonprofit organizations from around the region. These groups range from the LGBT Kickball League to the Gay Men’s Chorus and are enrolled to be designated Community Partners. Community Partners promise to help promote the event by notifying their members of their partnership and encouraging them to come. To encourage participation, the Community Village will have truncated hours between 11:00 am and remain open until 3:00 PM. Go back to the top.



For two and half decades the Chamber has possessed a reputation for integrity, credibility, and delivery.  This impact means by joining with us in G.LIFE 2014 you are connected to a business leader with proven expertise, influence, and acumen. It also grants access to an LGBTA community and means that your connection will not end when the event is over. Support and involvement lasts 365 days of the year. Go back to the top.



​Saturday, November 15, 2014

EXPO HALL:  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
THE VILLAGE:  11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Washington Marriott Wardman Park

2660 Woodley Road NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20008 USA


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*Ranked “the coolest city in America" by Forbes in 2014.
**Ranked "the gayest place in America" by the New York Times in 2014.